Toniic & ‘Effective Impact Investing’

It was a great pleasure to share our thoughts on blending philanthropy and impact investing at the Toniic Members Meeting in Amsterdam (in October 2017).

Effective giving and ‘effective impact investing’ are not so different. In fact, in our opinion, the two are very closely related.


A significant proportion of the members of the Effective Giving community are active in both philanthropy and impact investing. This is why we are actively working in our community on adapting our effective philanthropy thought process and principles to also be applicable to maximising the impact of social investing.

Most of our materials on this are currently in Dutch. However, we have produced this handout in English to share our initial thoughts on effective impact investing with the Toniic community: 

Effective Impact Investing >>


For those of you who read Dutch, we would also recommend reading this article we recently published on the subject: Onze eerste gedachten over impact investeren met een Effective Giving-kijk.

If you are active in philanthropy our Effective Giving website (in Dutch) has many resources. We also recommend visiting the Open Philanthropy Project, which shares its thought process and cases in a totally open and transparent way.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Kellie Liket or Robert Boogaard (Toniic member).