Effective Giving is a community founded to significantly increase the effectiveness of philanthropy in the Netherlands and part of the Effective Altruism movement.

If you are looking for more international context, we highly recommend visiting one of these organisations promoting effective giving, most of which we work in close partnership with.




EffectiveAltruism.org is about answering one simple question: how can we use our resources to help others the most? Rather than just doing what feels right, it uses evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on.





Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers. It inspires people to donate significantly and as effectively as possible. They share information on how and where to give, help people stick to their commitment and stand together to create a culture of giving more, and more effectively.





Philanthropy Impact works with advisors, philanthropists, charities and governments to develop greater expertise, awareness and impact in philanthropic action. They provide resources, bespoke events and platforms to support the development of the philanthropy sector.



Open Philanthropy Project


The Open Philanthropy Project’s mission is to give as effectively as they can and share their findings openly so that anyone can build on their work. Through research and grantmaking, they hope to learn how to make philanthropy go especially far in terms of improving lives.