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“Effective Giving surrounds me with people who approach ‘doing good’ the same way I do. We share our hunger to realize maximum impact by critically reflecting upon our choices, supported by evidence.”

Kellie Liket

Kellie Liket | Co-founder
Holds an MA in Development Management from London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2014 she completed her PhD at Erasmus University, where she is now a postdoctoral researcher in the field of Social Impact Measurement. Since 2015 she has been philanthropically active as founder of Giving for Impact. At the end of 2016 she co-founded Effective Giving.


“We owe it to those we can potentially help, and to ourselves, to take maximising our impact seriously”

Robert Boogaard
Robert Boogaard | Co-founder

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience starting and running businesses. Now partner in a private investment fund aiming at a 100% social impact, founder of Jazi Foundation, active philanthropist and passionate promoter of effective giving.



“What I especially like about the people and the mission of Effective Giving is their total lack of indifference. This learning community thinks and acts beyond self-imposed limitations and the well-trodden paths. Very inspiring!”

Communitymanager Effective Giving

Eva van der Meer | Community Manager

A translator and copywriter with long-term experience in both the pension fund industry and local politics. She joined Effective Giving in 2017.



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“Truly making the world a bit better is complicated, as it is not about solving your own problems but those of other people. This requires a lot of thinking, trying and rethinking. Offering the tools to be able to do that and not losing your motivation on the way – that’s what Effective Giving stands for to me.”

Jolijn van der PloegJolijn van der Ploeg
Studied Sociology and International Relations at Maastricht University College and International Migration at University College Dublin. Since the start of 2016 she has been working as a social impact researcher at the Impact Centre Erasmus of Erasmus University. Here, she is researching the impact of development aid and supporting Effective Giving in developing a Mini Masters programme for philantropists.


“Thanks to the critical discussions with my Effective Giving colleagues I have been able to grow fast. I am glad I get to spend my time on interesting intellectual challenges.”

Elias Kock

Elias Kock | Social impact research intern
Studying International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. He has been active as a social entrepreneur since he started his studies, first by co-founding the social startup OrganoBike and later by joining the board of the social startup incubator Enactus EUR. He is supporting Effective Giving as an intern by developing a ‘prioritisation framework’ for philanthropists, which they will be able to use in their search for the most effective grants.