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Within Effective Giving a small group of us is working on ‘Effective Impact Investing’, how to maximise the impact of our impact investing.

For more information please contact: Robert Boogaard.

Below we will collect and share interesting articles, papers and knowledge regarding (effective) impact investing which we come across and believe provide valuable insights.

Highly recommended:

When Can Impact Investing Create Real Impact? >>
Although it is possible for impact investors to achieve social impact along with market rate returns, it’s not easy to do and doesn’t happen nearly as often as many boosters would have you believe (Paul Brest, SSIR 2013)

Extended version: Unpacking the Impact in Impact Investing >>

Cracking the Code of Impact Investing >>
The creation of “impact classes” as a classification system has the potential to address a number of stubborn barriers in impact investing (Cathy Clark & Ben Thornley, SSIR Jun/16)

Down the Rabbit Hole? Impact Investing and Large Foundations >>
Impact investing makes sense in theory, but there are good reasons, particularly for large foundations, to pause before putting a lot of resources into it (Larry Kramer, SSIR Jun/17)