Giving Opportunities

Eager to start giving and investing more effectively? We are currently working on developing several overviews of extremely effective opportunities. Here is a short preview of the overviews we are preparing – subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in the loop!


1. Give to a Top Charity

These Top Charities have been rigorously vetted by independent and high-quality charity evaluators such as GiveWell. The charities operate in high impact cause areas, use solutions that are backed by scientific evidence and are estimated to be cost-effective, and are highly competent in their implementation processes. 


2. Fund a Catalytic Giving Opportunity

Catalytic Opportunities tend to be project-based (e.g. funding a scientific study), often require funding within a given time-frame, and their cause area and/or solution are typically perceived as more “obscure” (e.g. advocacy for wild animal suffering) than a Top Charity. These opportunities are sourced from the Effective Altruism community, and reviewed by independent evaluators. We are also developing an overview of Catalytic Impact Investment opportunities (contact us for more info).


More overviews to come – stay tuned!