Events Calendar

This Spring, Effective Giving’s founders Kellie and Robert will attend several national and international conferences/events as a speaker. These events have been listed below.



Effective Giving Mini Masters

17/18 May 2018

During the ‘Effective Giving Mini Masters’, we go on an intensive journey with a group of major philanthropists to learn how to use our unique resources to give as effectively as possible. Read more >>



Lecture ‘Zwarte zwanen’ | A Critical Look At Charities

21 February 2018

At the invitation of the Studium Generale department of Utrecht University, Kellie will give a free-of-charge lecture in Utrecht. With her critical eye, she will advocate a realistic look at the positive impact of charities. Read more >>



Impact Summit Europe

20/21 March 2018

The Impact Summit Europe is an investor conference held in The Hague that aims to catalyse private institutional capital to support the financing of the SDGs and the mainstreaming of impact and sustainable development investing. Read more >>


Events where we spoke or gave workshops recently:


Retreat in London

9/10 February 2018

In February Effective Giving co-organised a retreat with Veddis in London focused on effectively bridging Effective Altruism and High Net Worth philanthropy and impact investing.



New Economy Lecture

24 January 2018

At the end of January, Kellie gave a lecture at the Universiteit van Nederland in which she addressed the question how your savings can destroy your own future. The video recording of the lecture is now available (in Dutch only). Watch the video >>



FIN’s Fall Event 2017

23 November 2017

At the Fall Event of the FIN, the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands, Kellie and Robert gave a workshop on effective giving titled ‘It’s NOT about measuring impact, but about knowing impact’.



ABN AMRO Philanthropy Event 2017

14 November 2017

This year, we were invited again to give a workshop at the ABN AMRO Philanthropy Day. Just like previous years, we invited participants to ask themselves some challenging questions, such as where are our philanthropic choices based on? Can we realize more impact if we focus more on achieving maximum effectiveness using our unique resources?



Lang Philanthropy Day – V Edition (Milaan, Italië)

24 October 2017

The Lang Philantropy Day is an annual international event about effective and measurable philanthropy held in Italy. At this fifth edition, Robert joined as a speaker to tell about the work of Jazi Foundation and Effective Giving. Read more >>



Toniic Meeting

18 October 2017

The Toniic Meeting is an international event on impact investing. Kellie attended the event as a Keynote Speaker to share her thoughts on how combining philanthropy and impact investing can enable us to make a maximum impact. Read more >>