The Effective Approach

Comparison and Prioritisation Impossible? Challenge accepted!

At least two beliefs currently dominate philanthropy and impact investing:

  1. ‘all-problems-are-equal’ and therefore equally deserving of our attention and resources
  2. it is impossible to compare the impact of two grants or investments.

With the Effective Approach we try to show that these beliefs are misconceptions. Clearly, prioritising problems and comparing approaches to solving a problem is challenging. But it is a challenge we are glad to take on, thereby greatly increasing our contribution to a better world.


The Effective Approach

With a small group of philanthropists and impact investors we develop the Effective Approach. How we think about maximising our contribution is inspired by the thought leadership in the Effective Altruism movement. 

In the past, many of us arbitrarily embraced a certain cause area, and then made grants to specific nonprofits that charmed us. After choosing to make a grant to a certain nonprofit, we obsessed about accurately measuring the impact that our resources had achieved.

With the Effective Approach we do the opposite. We spend a lot of time worrying about the impact we can achieve before we make a grant or invest. The Effective Approach is a way of asking questions that help us putting our unique resources to the best possible use. We use high quality, independent data to answer these questions, and inform our decisions.


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