Books On Effective Giving

Here are a few of the books that we have found to be the best out there on effective giving. In most cases it’s quickest to order them via Amazon.




A highly accessible introduction to effective giving (Amazon /

How to Be Great at Doing Good is a complacency-shattering guidebook for anyone who wants to actually change the world, whether as a donor, a volunteer, or a non-profit staffer. Drawing on eye-opening studies in psychology and human behavior, surprising interviews with philanthropy professionals, and the author’s fifteen years of experience founding and managing top-rated non-profits, this book is an essential read for anyone who wants to do more good with their time and money.






This will help you deepen your understanding of effective giving (and effective altruism) (Amazon /

Most of us want to make a difference. We donate to charity, buy Fairtrade coffee, or try to cut down on our carbon emissions. Rarely do we know if we’re really helping, and despite our best intentions, our actions can have ineffective — and sometimes downright harmful — outcomes. Confronting this problem, William MacAskill developed the concept of effective altruism, a practical, data-driven approach which shows that each of us has the power to do an astonishing amount of good, given the right information.




Succces and Luck: Good Fortune Meritocracy


Why our success is a matter of luck (Amazon)

Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy by Professor Robert Frank is about the degree to which success is determined by luck, and the implications of this for our sense of ownership over that success. In her review of this book, Kellie Liket uses a personal example to explain why this is such an important book and why it should be read by anyone who is successful in life. Read Kellie’s book review (in Dutch).