Our Approach

We develop principles and frameworks to help us craft grant-making strategies and to estimate the potential impact of the grants that we are considering making.

We embrace the following principles when trying to maximise our impact:

  • Unique resources can influence how we can maximise our contribution.
  • Prioritisation is essential as problems are big and our resources are limited.
  • Reason & evidence enable us to optimise the expected value of our actions.
  • Additionality drives us to select opportunities that wouldn’t happen without our support.
  • Efficiency (i.e. good processes) prevents wasting resources, so we don’t undermine our potential impact.

The frameworks we use help us make better decisions to try to maximise our impact at three levels: the cause area (i.e. problem), the type of solution, and the organisation/charity.

Instead of offering us a set of answers, these principles and frameworks help us develop a systematic way of asking questions, focused on putting our unique resources to the best possible use. To answer these questions, we use reason and the best available evidence.

With our group of major philanthropists, we use a learning cycle of developing principles/frameworks, testing them in practice, adapting them based on our new insights, and then sharing them openly. We work closely with outstanding researchers and experts on effective giving, and experts with deep knowledge about specific cause areas to keep improving.