About Us

Our Story

Effective Giving was founded by several philanthropists who shared a strong desire do as much good as they could, but found it hard to figure out how to do so effectively.

After spending a year consulting scientists and experts on effective philanthropy, we drafted an initial Effective Giving approach: a set of principles, decision-making frameworks and tools that could potentially help us maximise our impact.

With twelve pioneering major philanthropists we then tested and substantially improved this approach over the course of six months. What we have developed so far has helped each of us to overhaul our former giving strategy and substantially increase our impact by leveraging our unique ressources.  

But we by no means have all the answers. Maximizing our impact is something we strive towards, a spot on the horizon, rather than something we expect to fully accomplish.

We started out in the Netherlands and are now scaling internationally, with an Effective Giving UK Pilot kicking off in mid 2018.

Our goal is to continue pushing the envelope to gain new insights and take our approach to the next level. To help us do so, we work closely with experts and high quality scientists. We freely share all of the knowledge that we create.


Shared Values

A set of shared values underlie everything we do:

  • Be positive: we try to take a joyful, positive approach to maximising our impact.
  • Keep on learning: we don’t have all the answers, so we need to actively seek out critical feedback and continuously adapt our thinking.
  • Share knowledge: we recognise that knowledge about maximising impact is currently limited and therefore develop/share it openly.
  • Respect confidentiality: we share knowledge while respecting confidentiality.
  • Treasure independence: we are independent decision-makers without any commercial interests.


Our (No) Revenue Model

The first question we are typically asked is ‘How does Effective Giving make money?’. The simple answer is: ‘We don’t, and we don’t want to’.

Our funding comes from several of the philanthropists in our group who estimate that funding Effective Giving is the best way they can maximise their impact.

We do, however, carefully select the philanthropists who join our group. We are particularly excited to collaborate with individuals who share our values and principles, can give at scale, have the capacity to contribute to our approach, and feel comfortable critically assessing whether they are maximizing their impact.