About Effective Giving

The Effective Giving community of foundations and large philanthropists, based in the Netherlands, was initiated by Robert Boogaard (the founder of Jazi Foundation) and Kellie Liket (senior researcher at the Impact Centre Erasmus).


Our objective is for foundations and philanthropists to increase their effectiveness by committing to the values and principles of effective giving, using a 3 step approach:

1. Awareness: raise awareness amongst foundations and philanthropists in the Netherlands about what effective giving means, it’s core values/principles and what it entails to give effectively

2. Knowledge: collect and share (and possibly actively develop when needed) national and international knowledge, experience and best practices on effective giving

3. Discussion: stimulate discussion on the topic of effective giving


What does Effective Giving do?


Build a Community

Bring together a community of foundations/philanthropists to:

  • Learn together how to give effectively
  • Share their knowledge and experiences, and stimulate discussion amongst them
  • Stimulate cooperation and collaboration between them
  • Represent the effective giving community to stimulate and motivate others to commit to the EG principles


Work in Partnership

Build a coalition of partners dedicated to engage in and promote effective giving, some to contribute knowledge and expertise, others to reach the foundations/philanthropists. This coalition will consist of:

  • Experts in the field of effective giving (national / international)
  • Philanthropy advisors and charity desks
  • Universities, researchers, consultants and impact measurement advisors
  • Private banks, family offices, wealth managers


Create an Online Knowledge Centre

Manage a platform (www.effectivegiving.nl) and newsletter to provide access to and share:

  • Effective giving principles and advice
  • Books, reports, videos, groups, links, etc, on effective giving
  • Articles by Dutch and international experts on effective giving
  • Learnings, including examples of successes and failures
  • Case studies, in-depth stories of organisational trajectories of becoming effective givers


Organise Events

Organise events to bring together experts and foundations/philanthropists, including:

  • An annual national ‘Effectief Geven’ (effective giving) conference
  • Seminars/workshops/webinars with experts on specific topics related to effective giving


Engage the Media

Generate awareness and discussion about effective giving through the Dutch national media