Making our maximum contribution to a better world


Effective Giving is a small group of philanthropists and impact investors learning how to apply our unique resources to make our maximum contribution to a better world.

A lack of knowledge, access to high quality data, misinformation and fallacies in our thinking often prevent us from accomplishing maximum impact. Effective Giving was founded because we believe this can change.

Together we are developing the Effective Approach, a way of asking questions, focused on putting our unique resources to the best possible use. We are independent, non-profit and share all knowledge freely (read more >>).



What we do

Together with a group of critical thinkers; philanthropists, impact investors, partner communities and experts, we:

  • develop guidelines and tools on effective giving and investing, which we share openly >>

  • coordinate updated lists of high impact giving and impact investing opportunities >>

  • curate excellent resources on effective giving and impact investing to gain new insights >>

  • run educational programmes with philanthropists and impact investors seeking to maximise their impact¬†>>

  • cooperate with partner communities to raise awareness of the Effective Approach >>


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