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What are the world’s most pressing problems? And how can we identify and fund the most promising solutions? Effective Giving supports major philanthropists who are committed to maximising their impact. We do this, at no cost, by connecting them with experts, like-minded peers and the most impactful opportunities.

We believe that major donors can afford to be ambitious.

Thoughtful, outcome-driven philanthropy has improved the world in transformative ways: It has saved the lives of millions, pushed the boundaries of moral progress, and launched entirely new fields of advocacy and research. History tells us that this kind of philanthropy is most likely to succeed when donors think strategically about which problem to focus on, rely on the high-quality research, and are willing to take bets on promising new ideas.

In the complex modern world, this isn’t easy to do. Philanthropy can be hard to navigate, and a lack of access to reliable information is a major barrier to giving effectively.

Effective Giving was founded by the philanthropists and thinkers who hope to change this. We take the lead from world-class researchers at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley and MIT to help our members find – and fund – the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

We support members with one-on-one meetings with experts, funding recommendations (if requested), community events, and invitation-only strategy retreats.

Shared values

Effective Giving is an independent nonprofit, supported by a small group of funders who have no control over our operations. We never solicit funding at events, charge membership fees, or charge/accept payment for our services.

The team

Effective Giving was founded by philanthropists and social scientists who believe that changing the culture of major giving is a neglected priority.

Dr Kellie Liket
Dr Kellie Liket >>Founder / director
Dr Vera Schölmerich >>Head of Research
Robert Boogaard >>Chairman



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