Maximising our contribution to a better world

Maximising our contribution to a better world
Maximising our contribution to a better world2018-11-14T07:50:04+00:00

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Making the most of major philanthropy

We are a small group of major philanthropists passionate about maximising the impact of our giving.

Major philanthropy works best when donors think strategically, rely on high-quality research, and are willing to take bets on promising new ideas.

This isn’t easy to do. Misinformation, cognitive bias, and parochialism are major barriers to giving effectively. Only a fraction of the hundreds of billions donated annually are targeted to help as many individuals as possible.

Effective Giving was founded by the philanthropists and social scientists working to change this.

We take our lead from world-class researchers at Cambridge, MIT, Oxford and elsewhere, to develop, test and improve methodologies for identifying exceptional funding opportunities.

We connect at strategy retreats, seminars and events to share knowledge and gain new insights.

Shared values

Effective Giving is an independent nonprofit, supported by a small group of funders who have no control over our operations. We never solicit funding at events, charge membership fees, or accept payment for services.

Our shared values help to build our common culture, and guide us in all of our activities:

Meet the team

Effective Giving was founded by philanthropists and social scientists who believe that changing the culture of major giving is a neglected priority.

Dr Kellie Liket
Dr Kellie LiketFounder / director
Dr. Vera Scholmerich
Dr Vera ScholmerichHead of Research
Robert Boogaard
Robert BoogaardChairman



For our prospectus and enquiries email us, or use the contact details below:

Kellie Liket, Founder & director 
+31 (0)35 820 0502


For Effective Giving UK, visit or contact Natalie Cargill